Sunday, September 22nd, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

On Sunday, September 22nd,†Books of Wonder†is thrilled to welcome 5 incredibly talented authors as they present their latest tales of the fantatstic. Get your seats early because at 1pm, as we are joined by two-time Carnegie Medal winning author†PATRICK NESS, on a visit from his home in London to make his debut appearance at†Books of Wonder.†Don't miss this rare chance to hear him present his latest pulse-pounding work,†More Than This, the enthralling and provocative tale chronicling the life -†or is it the afterlife?†- of Seth, an English teen trapped in a crumbling, abandoned world he used to know. Also joining us will be†NY Times†bestselling author†ANDREA CREMER, to reintroduce us to the†Nightshade†series -- and maybe give us a sneak peak and the forthcoming 4th title in the series; author†ALEX LONDON†presents†Proxy, a tale of the near future in which a Syd, the "proxy" for all the punishments a privileged teen earns, finds †himself in way over his head as he flees cross-country to beat the corrupt system that has him virtually enslaved;†NY Times†bestselling author†ROBIN WASSERMAN†gives us chills with†The Waking Dark, in which something dark and hungry is waking in the sleepy town of Oleander, Kansas as murder and mayhem show up; and critically acclaimed award-winning graphic novel author and artist†GENE LUEN YANG†introduces his new two-volume†Boxers & Saints, the parallel stories of young heroes who present opposite viewpoints of one of the most most controversial episodes of Chinese history -- the Boxer Rebellion -- and so delves into the very core of our human nature. This is an event you won't want to miss and will never forget! So be here as imaginations are set ablaze and teen readers are introduced to these 5 wonderful titles. Beginning at 1pm, the authors will present their new books, answer questions from fans, and sign copies of all their wonderful titles.†Ages 12-16. Sunday, Sept 22nd, 1-3pm.

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